Jerseys number series of 00: Celtics chiefs love the perfect number


Parrish is an evergreen NBA, his career played a total of 1161 games, no one out of the right
In the NBA, each player’s jersey number, not only is the identity of the identity, more often become a player’s preference, a psychological hint. As a result, this “jersey number series” debut, from 00 to 99, let us look at each number in the history of what cattle were out, around the number of changes occurred in those interesting stories. This series of selection of each number in the history of the most representative of the five players, one of the conditions is that the player most of the time in his career wearing this number of jerseys.
00 is the number of the NBA is relatively rare, but also the debut of this series debut number. No. 00 players in today’s NBA a total of five, the first name than Mike Bibby, but in view of his wearing this number less than a season, it is not in the selection of the column. The following is the history of wearing the 00 most representative of the five players.
1, Robert – Parish
Nicknamed “Chiefs” Parrish is the NBA’s evergreen, his career played a total of 1161 games, no one out of the right. When he entered the NBA, O’Neill was 4 years old, but in his 1996-97 season with the Chicago Bulls won the fourth crown of his career, O’Neill has been in line for 5 years. Bill Walton praised him as “the best center in the history of shooting ability,” he had three victories with the Celtics, nine All-Star, two-time All-Rookie of the Year, 2003 Hall of Fame, his 00 Jersey is now hanging in the Celtics over the home. The reason why the choice of 00, is said to be because Parish seems, 00 is equivalent to 100, is a satisfactory figure.
2, Johnny – Moore
Moore is the San Antonio Spurs legendary name, his height 1.85 meters, weight 79 kg, draft pick in 1979, the Spurs, but in 1980 was officially put on the Spurs shirt, then until 1990 retired, Moore has been in the Spurs as the main force Point guard, and in the 1981-82 season averaged 9.6 assists, was elected assists king. Moore career averages of 9.4 points and 7.4 assists, his No. 00 jersey was also the Spurs retired. Today, Moore taught at AAU’s Austin team.
3, Kevin – Duckworth
Nicknamed “Duck” Duckworth is 2.13 meters tall and weighs 125 kilograms, is the Portland Trail Blazers history of places, as the year when the “five black treasure” one of the combination, Duckworth has team in 1989, 1990 twice reached the finals, but unfortunately missed the championship. He has two All-Star, 1988 was also elected as the most improved player. August 25, 2008, Duckworth due to a sudden heart death, only 44 years old.
4, Greg – Ostertag
Concerned about the Bulls second consecutive three fans, will be Utah Jazz 2.18 meters tall, looks simple and honest funny “Great Bear” Ostertag remember. 1991-1995 played for the University of Kansas, he was 258 blocked shots set the school record. 1995 came to jazz, he joined the team in 1997, 1998 two finals, but missed the championship. Retired after the 2005-06 season. On the sidelines, Ostertag had donated a kidney to his sick sister, was passed to talk. He has always chosen No. 00 jersey, but in and Alden – Pollinis team-mate of the two seasons through 39 short, because the Polynes number is 0.
5, Tony – Delk
There are many in the history of the NCAA swept the United States, but in the NBA has disappeared, Dirk is a typical representative. In high school, he was known as Tennessee, “Mr. Basketball”, 1992-1996 played for the University of Kentucky, Rick – Pitino in the tuning, he and Antoine – Walker, Derek – Anderson , Walter – McCarty and Ron – Mercer and so together, casting the history of the school a brilliant period, in 1996 he led his unit to win, and was elected to the semi-finals MOP. But after joining the NBA, Dirk 10 season but for eight teams, career averages, but 9.1 points. Now he also returned to the NCAA as an assistant.



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