Jerseys number series of 0: General love this number to give the legendary



Wearing a No. 0 jersey a lot of people in, but until Arenas, only really pay the legendary color of this number
In the practice of the Indians to create the Arabic numerals, 0 represents nothing, but also to distinguish positive boundaries. In the NBA, wearing a number of players No. 0 jersey number of active players as many as 16 people. The following is the history of active and No. 0 jersey of five outstanding players on behalf of.
1, Gilbert – Gilbert Arenas
Feeling in the early life of lively, “they think I am nothing more than a zero,” Arenas then choose 0 to self-encouragement, and he did from a humble two-round show, and gradually become the league’s hottest star. In 2006 a Washington Wizards fans website awarded him the “zero spy” nickname, which was missing. But the door after the gun thing, Arenas decided to start all over again, the desire to be replaced by 6, but because LeBron – James also changed to No. 6, with its disagreement on the general will be replaced by No. 9, the move also forced Yi Jianlian change numbers. But was bought and sold to Orlando magic, Arenas has replaced the magic with the historical heritage of the value of 1, but after all, no longer as dazzling 0. Before him, wearing a No. 0 jersey a lot of people in, but until he really paid for this number legendary colors.
2, Orlando – Woolridge
Now on the sidelines of the 1986 playoffs Michael – Jordan Gods of War fans, the city of Chicago Bulls prior to the start of the Wolieqi deep impression. His height of 2.06 meters, weight 98 kg, 1981 draft to the first round of the 16th pick into the main bulls, in this performance to 1987, the average score has jumped to 20 +. 1991 and 1993 to identify the Detroit Pistons and Milwaukee Bucks, he has long been replaced by No. 6. He served in 1994, life is averaging 16 points and 4.3 rebounds.
3, Alden – Polynes
The reason why the man was inscribed, because in the 1987 draft night, he was in the first round of the 8th overall by the Bulls selected, but was sent to the Seattle supersonics, for Scott – Scottie Pippen. It was not long before the Seattle people realized they had committed serious illnesses. Pippen became a superstar, Polynes was removed more than team, until 2004 service, averaging 7.8 points and 6.7 rebounds. Beginning into the supersonic, Polynesian had wore No. 23 jersey, and later changed to 0, then he has long been through 34 and 30. The No. 0 jersey is also just right to express his life characteristics: he really is an irrelevant role.
4, Aaron – Brooks
International fans of the Houston Rockets have been “little black beans” Brooks will not be unfamiliar. 2007, he was the first round of the 26th overall to join the rocket, and soon cut a striking figure, is the Rockets general manager Daryl – Morey’s complacent move. 2009-10 season, Brooks reached the pinnacle of life in the rocket, he played 82 games, averaging 19.6 points and 5.3 assists, won the fastest player award. February 24, 2011, Brooks was traded to the Phoenix Suns, in exchange for Golan – Dragic. Regardless of the rockets still the sun, Brooks are wearing No. 0 jerseys.
5, Russell – Westbrook
Arenas gradually fade out of people’s vision, Westbrook is expected to become active wearing No. 0 jersey the best players. 2008 draft first round of the 4th overall, Serena Oklahoma City Thunder strokes to the arm, together Kevin – Durant’s agile growth. Last season, Williams averaged 21.9 points, 4.6 rebounds and 8.2 assists, was elected All-Star and the annual best. But in the playoffs, his style of play was once controversial. Perhaps, like Arenas, wearing No. 0 Serena will also be a different people.


December 7, 2016


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