Jerseys number series number 1: Orlando treasured memories



Tracy McGrady in the magic of youth


In the NBA’s big family number, 1 is definitely regarded as a lot of people wear numbers, according to statistics, only active players have up to 40 people who have or are wearing No. 1 jerseys. Throughout history, select the No. 1 jersey is also not the stature of defender players, quite some mini-means. The following is the active and the No. 1 player in the history of the five outstanding representatives.
1, Orlando Magic on the 1st
Since the magic team has been built, a total of eight players wearing a No. 1 jersey, the initiator of the famous “penny” An Fenni – Hardaway. He left in 1999, Tracy – McGrady took over his gun in 2001, Legend has Tracy McGrady as an idol, so still in effect when the Toronto Raptors, he was wearing No. 1 shirt (the other There is a saying that McGrady hopes to become the team’s number one). Tracy McGrady in 2004 after the Houston Rockets, Doug – Christie, Trevor – Trevor Ariza, Maurice – Evans, Rafael – Alston and Gilbert – Gilbert Arenas has also dressed in No. 1 jersey. Magic No. 1 jersey even more than most of the team’s retirement jersey number, are more well known.
2, Oscar – Robertson
For selecting large O, it is necessary to declare it here. Career early in the Cincinnati Royals, Robertson has been wearing No. 14 jersey, 1970 to Milwaukee Bucks, the team No. 14 jersey belongs to Joan – Maigeluoke Lin, so the big O to wear No. 1 jerseys. Big O will be the best years of life are dedicated to the Royal, but the total with the championship. In the Milwaukee Bucks, the big O but with the team twice reached the finals, and won the only career championship, and his No. 1 jersey is now hanging over the Bucks home.
Chauncey Billups
Referred to active wearing No. 1 jersey players, Billups must not miss. In the NCAA when he was wearing No. 4 jersey. After entering the NBA, he was removed in the multi-team, always in between 3 and 4 swing. To the Pistons, as the team No. 4 jersey has followed Joe – Dumas retired, so he put on No. 1 jersey, and thus into the ranks of the first-line star, led his unit in 2004 and was elected Finals MVP. Nuggets Nuggets early, he was wearing a 7, and later changed to 1. Today, the effectiveness of the New York Knicks, and in exchange for his No. 4 jersey.
4, Amare – Amare Stoudemire
Chauncey Billups reason to wear in the Knicks No. 4, part of the reason is the New York No. 1 jersey belonging to the earlier arrival of Stoudemire. 2003 draft pick into the Phoenix Suns, Stoudemire has been wearing No. 32 jersey, which is more common for the post player number. In the 2005-06 season suffered serious injuries, in the 2006-07 season before the start, the intention of a comeback Stoudemire chose to symbolize the rebirth of the No. 1. Today, the effectiveness of the MSG Stoudemire, is also the hearts of the Big Apple fans in the No. 1.
5, Derrick Rose
The new generation of No. 1 jersey owner, is none other than Ross. Rose last season, not only led the Bulls won the league’s best 62 wins and 20 losses, but he also became the youngest NBA regular season MVP winner. In high school, Ross has been wearing No. 25 jersey, is to commemorate the fighters killed in the neighborhood of the former player – Wilson. After joining the University of Memphis, as the school No. 25 jersey has been vested in “Penny” Hardaway, so he chose 23. In joining the Bulls, due to well-known reasons, he turned the jersey number into No. 1.



December 10, 2016


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